Ambition of the Dark Web Solutions program ( is to make the Dark Web unattractive and create a safer cyberspace. This impact is achieved with:


  • Tools – Specific investigation technologies and methods to analyse online criminal activities, primarily the Dark Web Monitor.
  • Training – Join a Dark Web training developed in collaboration with INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation!
  • Testbed – Within the research and innovation labs, criminal strategies are studied and possible solutions to disrupt criminal activities are tested.
  • Threat reporting – Reports about understandings of current cyber threats based on deep understanding of internet phenomena with criminal or terroristic intentions.

A more detailed overview requires Dark Web Solutions Membership.





Dark Web Solutions by TNO

In the digital world, things can go terribly wrong. Crime, disasters or acts of terror can paralyse a society. How can we ensure that government, business and citizens are protected? And that the cyber world works for and not against us? Cyber security offers unprecedented opportunities. We have the answers and we have the solutions. We make cyber work for you.