First Dark Web Training for Legal Professionals

Utrecht, 13 December 2016 – With the increasing use of anonymization technologies as Tor and Bitcoin the number of court cases involving Dark Web facilitated crime is increasing as well. Given the complexity of the technologies, combined with criminals operating internationally, this creates new challenges for both law enforcement as well as for legal professionals. Therefore TNO developed a training for those lawyers or other legal professionals. It is based on the Dark Web Training Course TNO developed together with INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore.


The first thirteen legal professionals were trained by TNO, the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the National Police and the Public prosecutor service, during a training that was organized by SDU. An exited participant claimed: “I am surprised how these complex technologies are currently packaged in way it makes committing crimes very simple.”


Cybercrime expert Rolf van Wegberg: “After we trained more than 100 Law Enforcement officers, it is great to share our expertise for the first time with these legal professionals”. Given the increasing opportunity for internet users, combined with the stronger law enforcement capacities it is reasonable to expect a growing number of offenders that use these technologies for their criminal business models. Based on the increasing need for Dark Web and Bitcoin knowledge, it is expected for this training take to place again May and September of 2017.

Mark van Staalduinen

Author: Mark van Staalduinen

Innovation Manager at TNO Singapore

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