CapaCT program started for South East Asia

October 2017 – Singapore. The CapaCT program aims at capacity building to counter terrorism for South East Asia. This goal is achieved by delivering foundation and practioners courses on darknet and cryptocurrencies. The trainings are based on the Dark Web training developed together with the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation. This program is delivered with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.

Nexus Crimes

Terrorists and extremists are using more and more sophisticated internet technologies to achieve their goals. We see a trend that terrorists are getting more advanced in their techniques and tactics initially used by cyber criminals. They started using internet technologies as Tor and Bitcoin for communications, preparations, operations and funding.


The program will deliver the trainings mainly in collaboration with existing capacity building networks in South East Asia. The foundations course covers the basics of Tor, Dark Markets, PGP and Bitcoin, while the practitioners course aims at a more hands-on and operational approach.

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