About Dark Web Solutions

Dark Web Solutions delivers solutions to make the Dark Web unattractive. It provides services to authorities and institutes to make the Dark Web unattractive for criminals.


Participation is restricted to users with high security profiles, for example law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and security organisations. To access more information about the different solutions requires registration of your personal Dark Web Solutions Membership (free-of-charge). Basic assessment of professional interest is part of the registration process.


Many solutions require a sponsor, for example to run a project, to conduct a Dark Web Training or to use Dark Web Monitor. Feel free to contact the Dark Web Solutions team to assess the sponsor possibilities.


Research, developement and delivery is achieved in collaboration with  trusted and specialized partners. To join our network as a partner, feel free to contact us.


Dark Web Solutions platform (dws.pm) is developed and operated by CyberDevOps. All revenues are invested in innovation of the services, or to maintain and strengthen the infrastructure. For all details feel free to contact us.

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