Membership Terms and Conditions

Dark Web Solutions is meant for security professionals working for organisations with professional interests that matches with the Dark Web Solutions ambitions.

Target audience

  • Governmental law enforcement, cybersecurity agencies or defence
  • Organisations with high security profile needs, as banks, insurances, virtual asset service providers
  • Security industry as cybersecurity, OSINT or FinTech companies
  • Security researchers

Onboarding Assessment

  • The onboarding assessment is conducted according to our code of conduct. Email address should correspond with target audience organisation
  • Professional interest should address a clear objective aligned with the Dark Web Solutions ambition
  • Users and organizations originating from or affiliated to countries on the EU sanctions list are excluded from DWM use. Same applies to organisations and individuals on the EU sanctions list.
  • Only English-language submissions will be assessed.

Regular Assessment

  • Users will need to regularly verify their email address so that DWM usage by people who have left the user organization is also excluded from DWM usage.
  • If an account its email address is not confirmed after one reminder and within one month, the account can be deleted by the administrators.


  • Membership is strictly personal and non-transferable
  • Improper subscriptions or behaviour can lead to account deletion without notification
  • Dark Web Solutions adopted the NLdigital terms and conditions supporting our Code of Conduct. In case of inconsistencies the Code of Conduct is leading. The NLdigital terms and Conditions, filed with the Dutch court Midden-Nederland, location Utrecht, apply to all our offers and contracts. At your request we will send these terms and conditions free of charge.

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