Learning by pioneering: Stop Dark Web crimes by Public-Private Collaborations

In July 2017, following 10 months of investigations, the Dutch police working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in Germany, Lithuania, the United States and Europol, took control of the Hansa Market, one of the largest market places on … Continue reading

Policing the Dark Web Workshop reports Online

Key take aways of the International Policing the Dark Web workshop on 26 September:

  • Develop a common platform for criminal data and information, investigation practices, tools and tactics, current focus of operations, criminal profiles, contacts of investigation and prosecution experts.
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International Workshop Policing the Dark Web

The Hague, 26 September 2017 – Increase international cooperation, uniform Internet regulations, fill innovation and research gaps. These among the main actions identified by 70 international law enforcement, research and industry experts who police crime on the Dark Web. They Continue reading

First Blockchain Security Workshop

Singapore, 27th September 2016 – The fact that Blockchain Technology can disrupt existing applications and technologies, seems to be evident. Bitcoin was the first and is still most prominent blockchain application currently followed by Ethereum. Many FinTech, Start-ups and Industries … Continue reading