Dark Web Monitor

Dark Web evolves fast and require continuous innovation to combat online crimes. This includes continuous integration of new analytics to strengthen Dark Web understanding and insights. Dark Web Monitor is a key asset for evidence-based Dark Web research and investigations. It starts here!

Use Dark Web Monitor Everyday?

Dark Web Monitor dashboard


  • Try-out Subscription – a trial period of two weeks
  • Individual Subscription – an personal account to access Dark Web Monitor 24/7
  • Corporate Subscription – all employees from organisation or company can access Dark Web Monitor using their corporate email address with a single subscription. Corporate subscription includes API access.

The subscription form, background information, pricing, terms and conditions can be downloaded from the Dark Web Solutions Catalogue. Feel free to contact us for any special requests or question. Dark Web Monitor Subscription process requires these steps:

  1. Dark Web Solutions Membership (free-of-charge)
  2. Subscribe using Subscription Form in Catalogue
  3. START a Dark Web Monitor session


Dark Web Monitor provides data for different use cases, leading to strategic insights, deep understanding of tactics and operational support to identify actors based on mistakes made in the past.

  • Dark Web Monitor gathers information about online activities on crime areas as drugs, weapons, cybercrimes and counterfeiting
  • Hidden services (>200k), Forum posts (>30M), Usernames (>500k) and many entities as cryptocurrency addresses, email addresses, etc
  • Search, explore and API functionalities for full integration with your infrastructure