Dark Web Monitor (DWM)

DWM is an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) repository that provides insights into criminal and fraudulent activities happening by exploiting dark web and virtual assets. The encrypted darknets, like Tor or I2P, have become a safe-haven for criminals who exploit technical anonymity. Their criminal activities range from child abuse and drugs trafficking to large scale financial crimes, affecting both cyberspace and the physical world. Consequently, with these opportunist actions becoming more sophisticated, there is a prevalent need to improve Dark Web monitoring capabilities to gain an edge over these criminals. DWM supports financial institutes, law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity agencies where questionable activities are taking place allowing them to zero in on this information using advanced analytics to trace and apprehend the criminals for prosecution and disruption.

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Subscription options:

  • Try-out Subscription – a trial period of two weeks
  • Individual Subscription – a personal account to access Dark Web Monitor 24/7
  • Corporate Subscription – all employees from organisation or company can access Dark Web Monitor using their corporate email address with a single subscription.

Dark Web Monitor Subscription process requires these steps:

  1. Dark Web Solutions Membership (free-of-charge)
  2. Submit subscription form from Catalogue
  3. START a Dark Web Monitor session

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Strategic Insight on Abuse Types within the Dark Web