Dark Web Tools

Dark Web Tools are provided through DWS.pm to support Dark Web research and investigations. Use your Dark Web Solutions Membership to access these capabilities.

Practical Solutions

  • Dark Web Monitor – key asset for evidence based Dark Web research and investigations.
  • Dark Market Simulator – realistic dark market setup that can be used for serious gaming, fuelled with bitcoins, for training and experimentation purposes.
  • Dark Market in a Box – Tor laboratory setup consists of 16 Raspberry-PI’s runing a Tor network for training and experimentation purposes.
  • Dark Markets Credentials – to study different Dark Markets using shared credentials.
  • Horizon Scanning – Identify emergent threats based on expert consultations.
  • Dark Literature and References – collection of Dark Web scientific articles.
  • Dark OSINT Library – collection of links to supporting websites, open source intelligence and tools to support investigations.
  • Dark Downloads – download page for tools created by DWS team.


Dark Web Solutions Catalogue provides an overview of all solutions provided by the program, including factsheets. It requires your Dark Web Solutions Membership to access, but you can send an email with a direct request for information: contact.