Dark Web Training

Training and workshops are developed by TNO, and in general, these are co-developed with the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation and other specialized partners. It teaches about criminal and illegal marketplaces, bitcoin payments, blockchain and anonymization techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Training and Workshop Solutions

We provide different Dark Web Training and Workshop formats, like:

  • Five day practitioners, hands-on Training on darknet and cryptocurrencies,
  • Two day foundations course on darknet and cryptocurrencies,
  • Dark Web awareness Training,
  • One day course for legal professionals,
  • Workshop on specific topic, eg Blockchain Security.

Factsheets can be found by the Dark Web Solutions Catalogue. See My DWS (right menu, and requires Dark Web Solutions Membership), or you can send a request for information by email: contact. Specific requests can be implemented for several target groups or different levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced.

Track Record (including media exposure)